The Flavours You Favour.

cinnamonThe sense of taste is the focus of a billion dollar industry. Although our senses of taste and smell aren’t supposed to be as discriminating as those of many species of animals, many of us still take pride in being more “discerning” than our fellows where tastes and aromas are concerned. We revel in being able to enjoy “the finer things in life.” Yet, those more finely-tuned sensors we possess have very little to do with our continued well-being. In fact, when indulged, they often contribute to the destruction of our health.

Behavioural preferences are of this nature. Some tend to extroversion, others to introversion. Some prefer quietly getting things done, others become very excited and most creative when surrounded by other people, lights and noise. These preferences and tendencies are like flavourings. We often take a sort of perverse pride in them, but those indulgences do not help us grow as persons one whit.

Time to stop indulging ourselves. Time to serve the needs of others. Time to grow as persons, to the fullest extent possible.

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