The Glitter Of Disaster.

SuperheroWe have heard that an ounce of prevention is better than pounding regret, or words to that effect. Intuitively, we know that to be true. Why, then, does there seem to be such an unhealthy fascination with glorifying disasters, things which could have been prevented but left to corrode away slowly to their grim conclusions? Why do we secretly revel in the way soldiers, policemen, firefighters and the like are putting themselves in harm’s way? Is it this lust for entertainment and power that causes leaders and advisors to allow bad things to happen, then come racing to the rescue and be hailed as great heroes?

I sometimes ask my clients what a bouncer’s job is. Invariably, most will say that it is to break up fights. I tell my clients that if that happens, the establishment had better hire another bouncer. The bouncer’s job is not to break up brawls, it’s to grab the people brewing a brawl and put them somewhere they can chill for a while. That thought is enough to start some personal reflection!

Are you someone known for saving the day? Or are you one of the unsung heroes who do their jobs so well that current operations and strategic thrusts are free to run to maximum value? You will only be amongst such if you can resist the glitter of disaster. Which are you?

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