The Greatest Leaders Love…Others

johnwooden_loving leadershipWhat comes to your mind when you think about a great leader, perhaps one that you admire a lot? List down all the adjectives that come to mind. Is “love” one of them?

Do you think I am asking a strange question?  Why or why not? This is one of those times when you perhaps need to ask yourself what the word “love” means to you. Write it down. Draw some pictures. Make a model. Whatever describes it best for you. Then think of someone with whom you have a loving relationship. Does that someone strike you as a great leader? Now think of someone who personifies love for others, “unselfish love”, if you like, although that, strictly speaking, is actually an oxymoron. Do you have a list, or are you having difficulty thinking of even one?

What about you? Would your co-workers, your bosses, your constituents, your family members, your friends, describe you as “loving”? Let me know what you think!

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