The Green Rebelution

What’s this “Green Revolution” all about? People have been trumpeting about “new” stuff for about as long as there have been humans on this earth. No, there’s nothing new. People have always had a basic understanding of how to care for the environment and what work needs to be done to keep food and water supplies sustainable. The Bible directed that fruit trees were not to be cut down when prosecuting war, for instance. I wrote a post called “Georgious Agricola and responsible business” in 2013 and referred to similar concepts. Yes, we do know about these things and how to be “green”, so what’s this “revolution” all about?

“Revolution” means that we are “rebelling” against something. What are we “rebelling” against? Why are government-level organizations and perhaps some larger private organizations jumping on to this recurrent bandwagon? When we say that we are rebelling, it means that we are rebelling against some higher authority. Since government-level organizations and larger private organizations are seen to be at that level of “higher authority”, whom are they rebelling against, and why are they getting the general public to join in the “revolution”? Now, I am very glad that, in my home nation of Singapore, we take greening very seriously, and have done so from almost Day One. Many remark at how green Singapore really is. I testify that it is true. Every time I drive around my small red dot of a city state, I am struck and grateful at how green it really is. The green I see is a very deep green that goes beyond its wavelength. It speaks of a fruitfulness that we need to continue working on and not take for granted. So why is Singapore, too, jumping on this “Green Revolution” bandwagon? Virtue Signalling?

I say that, instead of waving our collective hands frantically about “Revolution”, how about shifting our mindsets and think “Revelation” instead? “Revelation” means that something has been “revealed” to us. That, I trow, is a much more positive manner of thinking about these things. “Rebelution” leads to anarchy and destruction. “Revelation” leads to “Resolution” and brings great resolve to do what is right where “green” stuff is concerned. That includes thinking and acting green and not flail our arms and wring our hands in “Green Hysteria”, of which “climate change” and “Covid measures” are prime examples.

Don’t rebel. Neither go round and round and round about age-old issues. Reveal. And then do the right thing with tremendous resolve.

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