The Intention Of Higher Command.

Intention of Higher Command

Most people I meet seem to be always absorbed with their “Mission”. That mostly has to do with what they think their bosses want them to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. That’s important, of course, we need to complete assigned tasks and fulfill responsibilities. Meet or exceed team goals on a consistent basis. Re-flex and prepare for the next few moves.

As you do all that, do you remember why you’re doing them? How clearly? To what degree are you fulfilling what your bosses have expected of you? This is supremely important if you eventually wish to run a business of your own, and you should, of course. How so, you ask? What’s the connection? Simple, really. If you can be trusted with what belongs to another, you can be trusted to do well when you are on your own. If your boss feels secure enough with you that you operate in an autonomous fashion, that is one indicator that you can actually make it on your own. In fact, your boss may even help you out with that, if he sees a potential business associate in you! Running your own outfit, of course. Symbiotic business relationships.

How well do you know your mission? How well do you know the intention of higher command?

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