The Jack of all Trades

Jack_playing_cardsAnd Master of Some. Forget about the other second part of the phrase which says “and master of none.” Master of None? Says who? Now, of course, given the span of human life, it would not be easy for anyone to become a Jack of ALL trades, but isn’t mastering a few trades reasonable? Does mastering a trade mean that one has to be world-best at it? Of course not. Mastering a trade, or even a few trades, is an ongoing process that has more to do with being our best rather than “mastering” whatever it is we seek to become excellent at. It is continuously growing those skills and competencies throughout our lives. Are you a top-notch marketer? Are you getting better at marketing? Are you developing the skill of Public Relations also? Would you be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with people who are experts in the fields of logistics and creating sustainable economies? Those are what a top-notch marketer would be able to do. Or perhaps you run a cleaning services company that is in high demand. Would you know about ergonomic design in buildings and furniture? How about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)? Designing living and working environments that maximize the entrance of natural light, reducing dependence on artificial lighting? Are you familiar with the principles of sustainable buildings? What about sustainable communities and cities? Would that increase your value as a cleaning services company? What do you think?

What do you do best? What is it that allows free expression of your best self? Is that part of the job you are now doing? Is that part of the business you now have? Are you bettering your best every day? Do you take the time and effort to also become as good as you can be in a few other skills or competencies? Perhaps just one other? Just do it!

Forget about being a Jack of all Trades and Master of None. Do remember to be your personal best in one thing and a few supporting, adjacent others. You can be a master of at least one thing. And be rather good at one or two others, I dare say. Just do it. After all, if you’ve ever used a Leatherman, you know it’s pretty good for many things, but it’s just one tool! Be a Leatherman!


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