The Magnificents Of Maintenance

turkey vultureIf your primary role isn’t in Maintenance, you might be tempted to turn your nose up at it. We in Singapore have existed for a long time in a culture of “Maid-tenance”. Despicable, onerous, smelly, inconvenient, uncomfortable jobs fit only for “children of a lesser god“. Yes, we relegate maintenance to “lesser beings”. We forget the vital importance of proper and consistent maintenance. It is a thankless task, maintenance. Nobody notices until something goes wrong or your bathwater doesn’t flow. We curse inwardly when the garbage collection truck shows up in front of our pristine cars, forgetting that Singapore is one of the few places in the world where garbage is collected on a daily basis.

We were studying the turkey vulture this morning. One of the benefits of having turkey vultures and similar carrion-eaters around is that they dispose of carcasses which would be fetidly fecund breeding grounds for diseases of all kinds. In fact, the turkey vulture gets rid of these carcasses so well it is as though the carcasses had been burned in order to sterilize the place.

Our own bodies undergo maintenance all the time as well. Do you know that even our DNA suffers on average one million molecular lesions per cell per day? If there were no repair mechanisms to repair those lesions and breaks in the chain, we would simply be dead! Also, all our bones are different in constituent material since one year ago. We don’t have the same bones we had last year, in other words. All our bones have been renewed. That is what maintenance is all about, ultimately. I wonder why we turn our noses up at the work of maintenance!

Do you have turkey vultures helping you out with your business operations? Does your business have maintenance modules like what you can find in our own bodies? Perhaps its time for you to explore how to automate your business maintenance processes.

As we start another week, spare a thought for the Magnificents of Maintenance. Imagine life without them!

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