The Mark Of The Brand

No, it’s not “666”. We talk about “branding” so much these days, it’s worthwhile pausing and remembering that “branding” used to be for cattle or other livestock sharing the same range. Criminals used to be branded, too. An immediate example is of course Alexandre Dumas’ infamous “Milady”, who was branded with a fleur-de-lis by the Executioner of Lille.

“Brand” or “Mark” can also be replaced by “Characterize”. Your brand is what characterizes you and your business, products or services. It is what people think of when your name or your brand is mentioned.

So, remember, the trappings and wrappings of what’s known as branding are just that – supporting endeavours. YOU are YOUR brand. Work on YOU every day. Grow and reproduce. Consistently add value to all stakeholders. You definitely want to be remembered that way.

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