(The Other) A & W

According to some sources, A & W, as in the fast food chain Allen & Wright, came to Singapore in 1968. The chain sold hot dogs and root beer floats to loyal afficionados until about 2003, when the last restaurant closed down.

Another A & W pair came to Singapore long before that. Their names were Able and Willing. They were a great team, just made for each other, because Able wasn’t able to get anything done if Willing wasn’t around. Willing could be willing to take on a project but wouldn’t accomplish a thing if Able didn’t lend a hand. Together, they set up a huge franchise of A & W outlets where “Can do” and “No problem” were common buzzwords. Sadly, I’ve heard that many A & W outlets have closed down. We need new ones to take their place, and even more to be set up.

Know of any likely A & W franchisees? The franchise doesn’t cost much. You just have to be called Able & Willing.

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