The Pursuit of Hubbiness

HubRefers to the pursuit of being The Hub of All Spheres. It’s good to aspire to be a hub, a centre of excellence, quality, research, resources, craftsmanship, production and so on. The real question is “Why?” Why do you wish to be a Medical Hub? A Conventions Hub? A Life Sciences Hub? Is it because you want to show your worth to the world? Or is being a hub simply an expression of your clear and present value?

 All of us are hubs. We are Centres of Influence in some way or other, and we are Centres of Influence to different degrees. It does not matter what your trade is. It does not matter what your personality style is. You are a hub. Your business is a hub. The company you work for is a hub. There are valuable hubs and there are vexing hubs. Valuable hubs connect you to resources and also to other hubs. Vexing hubs waste your time and make you wish you never encountered them in the first place. Your hub increases in value in direct proportion to the connecting threads it is able to both hold and effectively process. Those threads are your access to skills, knowledge, wisdom and good connections. The more threads you hold effectively, the more desirable your hub. The more desirable your hub, the more threads come your way. The more threads you hold, the bigger your hub grows. The more your hub grows, the more influential and beneficial it becomes, and it energizes more and more spheres of life.
Is your hub growing? Are you holding more and more threads each day? Do others actively seek you out?
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