The Role Of Your Secretary

Fire the BossAnd Personal Assistant, Gatekeeper, whatever you wish to call that person by. In an interesting activity involving marshmallows and spaghetti, it was found that groups comprising just CEOs fared rather poorly compared to groups comprising both CEOs and their PAs! Conclusion? CEOs cannot function well without their PAs? I hope not. Those who are such need to fire themselves.

A good PA, and we’ll just use the term PA, does a lot more than just schedule your appointments and turn away calls you’d rather not take. A good PA, regardless of race, language, beliefs or gender, supports you so well that you would be hard pressed to imagine functioning without her or him. A really good PA would SEEM to be running your enterprise, but that is where it stops. Your PA does NOT make decisions for you. Schedule your appointments, take your calls and handle messages and make many and diverse recommendations for you to consider. YOU make the decisions, and YOU call the shots. YOU authorize your PA to make certain types of process-related revisions, but all others remain in your hand.In fact, a really good PA is like your autonomic nervous system. Or a fully automatic vehicle that drives or flies itself. You just tell it where to go and take over the controls when you have to our when you simply feel like it.

Do you have a good PA?

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