The V3R Vulnerability

V3RThose who have been to planning sessions of varying types and levels know that I am talking about Vision, Roles, Rules & Relationships, of course. Of the four, Vision talks about a picture big enough that it probably won’t be fulfilled in our lifetime, but might be possible for the next generation. Or it could embody a principle that can be fulfilled in different ways. Rules are lower down the rung and can be “case law” examples of applying the Vision in different situations. Of course, there are general rules outlining how the business or enterprise is intended to be run. The Relationships part is expressing a desire for mutually beneficial interactions between all members of a fully integrated and functioning team.

The vulnerability of V3R is that they tend to be cast in stone, and once cast, have rather bad effects on the entity that has expressed that V3R. Of the four, the one that does greatest damage if indeed cast in stone is Roles. The other three aren’t as damaging if cast in stone, although that would be bad enough. The reason why I say that is because limiting ourselves, or limiting anyone, to only one or a specific and narrow set of roles severely hampers effectiveness. Common wisdom, so to speak, as if there were such a thing, knows that we will assume different roles when interacting with different people in different situations and at different times. However, this common wisdom seems to evaporate once people are at the workplace. The adage of seeing every situation as a nail if all you have is a hammer is distressingly real, and it exists in the mind.

Remember, V3R is inherently flexible. Review regularly, review creatively and review critically.

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