Why (I) Think You Should Hire Veterans

CavalryIt’s because you stand to gain much from “The Eternal Soldier’s Duty.” Think about it! When contingencies other than war arise, who is called upon to help when the incumbent emergency services are overwhelmed? The Armed Forces. Who is called upon to help when manpower and other resources are needed for big projects? The Armed Forces. Whose budgets and headcount suffer when they are seen as no longer needed? The Armed Forces. Who commits to the mission with everything they have, even in the face of certain death? The Armed Forces. If ever a band of robust, resilient and flexible comrades existed, it would be a band of soldiers, and I include Airmen and Sailors, of course. Space Cadre, too, when they finally do arrive. Yes, you should hire veterans. The majority would bring immense value to your business.


Are you concerned about integration? Not to worry, veterans have had years of last-minute emergencies, scarce resources and illogical orders thrown at them. They’re used to operating under tremendous pressure and think nothing of starting operations from scratch. Veterans never hesitate to tell you when they think that something could be accomplished more effectively and/ or more efficiently (NOT the same thing!) They will let you know when they think you’re not up to standard as a leader (N.U.T.S.) but they do forgive that occasional infraction on your part. Just make sure it’s occasional.

Yes, hire veterans. Remember to treat them with love and respect. They’re willing to sacrifice much for you, they don’t ask for unreasonable things, and they genuinely want to see you succeed. Do make sure that you are above reproach in your dealings with them. If you fail, remember, too, they’re used to doing strange things, and they’re very good at doing those strange things. Like killing people. Don’t be the next one on the list.

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