This Evil Called “Inclusiveness.”

SurgeryBefore you throw that stone at me, answer this question: Would you like to keep cancer tissue in your body? Right, I didn’t think so either!

Did you experience righteous indignation welling up inside of you when you saw the title of this post? Why? Do you subscribe to “Get the right people on the bus” type of philosophy? Well, if there are “right” people, then there must be “left” people also, ja? “Left” as in left behind when the bus moves off!

Do we choose to see the good in others and encourage it? Certainly! Does that mean we take anyone on board? Would you allow someone known to have tendencies for violence toward others to stay over at your place, especially if you have younger children living with you? Face it, this thing about there being some good in everyone is highly misleading. Yes, we look for the good, we try to encourage and even nurture the good in others. Does that mean that the person would automatically desire and choose the good? Go to your court records, to interviews psychologists and other researchers conduct with criminals. Time and again, you will see records that the criminal KNEW what was right and what was wrong, and DECIDED to do what he KNEW was wrong ANYWAY. This is the result of self-centeredness, greed and avarice. Oh, it wasn’t the criminal’s fault? Society’s fault? His parents’ fault? No, my friend, you and I know very well that it was the criminal’s fault, because he made choice upon choice upon choice. Did Nelson Mandela have a great experience during his 27 years in prison? Did the guards nurture aspirations in him to be South Africa’s President? No, I don’t think so. Nelson Mandela chose to be and to do what he knew was right.

Stop talking about inclusiveness. Start reaching out to people to encourage them towards the good. Maintain good order and discipline in society so that the good can be encouraged to flourish. Throw stuff akin to “Common Core” and “No child left behind” out the window onto the trash heap where they belong, cart them away and incinerate them. Start serving the whole range of human needs in the whole range of ways that they need to be seen to, not with a broad, one-size-fits-all brush. Do not be Inclusive. Be Discerning. Be Hospitable. Be Truthful. Be Creative. Be Benevolent. Be Patient. Be Available. And above all, be Wise. If you don’t, who will?

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