Top of Mind? Nah! First in Heart!

WritingLiving in a world that extols the intellect almost above all else, although that is slowly changing, we have been taught to basically ingratiate ourselves with our clients, customers, etc, so that we are constantly “Top of Mind.” While that action, not the motive, is of course important, I’d much rather help my clients by providing so much increasing value for them that they would refer me to others without a second thought. Think about it! Haven’t we done the same for things like air tickets, places of interest, hotels and resorts, etc? Don’t we all know a few “go to” persons whom we’d recommend to others almost instinctively?
Now think about yourself. How many of your customers/ clients would refer you to others as though doing so were part of a reflex action? Do those customers/ clients of yours have you “Top of Mind”? I trow not. However, just let a need arise, an answer required, direction sought, counsel yearned for, and you come to mind as though on automatic overdrive.
cleaner_wrasseFocus on building mutually beneficial relationships and win-win-win constructs. Not so you can while away the hours and dream of all the great things you would do, but help each other select and execute profitable courses of action. So that you can build each other up internally in order to be strong, flexible and nimble enough to spring on opportunities when they arise and evade dangers before they become a menace.
Want to have more sales? Then get rid of that sales mindset. Nurture relationships. Mutually beneficial relationships. Be first in heart. Their hearts.
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