Unclear But Present Danger

The term “Clear and Present Danger” may refer to Tom Clancy’s book by the same title, the film, or a doctrine adopted by the US Supreme Court. In simple terms, a “clear and present danger” is sufficient casus belli for immediate, pre-emptive action.

IMG_1876My friend Zaccheus remarked that he seemed to be seeing many more people donning masks as a result of haze than there were donning masks during the SARS period in 2003. Perhaps haze is worse than SARS? People are also becoming more aware, and more worried, about PM2.5, or airborne particulates of 2.5 micrometres in diameter. Yes, they can cause cancers and other diseases down the road, but anthropogenic, or man-made, particulates account for about 10% of all particulates, the majority being from sea spray. Get some perspective.

I am not suggesting that you walk around and indulge in unprotected breathing. Put a mask on by all means. Just don’t go overboard.

Think those grasscutters ought to be given N95 masks?

Think those grasscutters ought to be given N95 masks?

I think the current situation gives us some pretty interesting insights. It confirms that we are creatures of habit, creatures of the senses, and we all subscribe to the philosophy of convenience. You can’t see, feel, hear or smell a cloud of SARS viruses. There might be initial fears, but those fears quickly dissipate simply because danger and inconvenience is not seen, smelt or felt. People raise a hue and cry over “junk food”, GMO food, unhealthy additives and others, but I don’t see fast food restaurants closing down due to lack of demand. I don’t see people preparing meals at home as a first priority. Food courts and hawker centres abound, they are simply too convenient for us to eschew. What you don’t see, hear, smell, taste or feel won’t hurt you, so, “Papa don’t preach, I’m in love” with my own lifestyle.

Is your business facing a hazy situation at this time? Are you busy trying to do something about the “Clear and present danger”, but perhaps missing out on the “Unclear but present danger”? The larger your business gets, the more prone it is to be afflicted by leprosy, so remember to conduct regular Visual Surveillance Exercises. Stay fit. Stay healthy.

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