UP! Unconscious Power.

One of the effects of Unconscious Competence is Unconscious Power. Power is the ability to do work, to get things done, to influence people to live at a higher level of consciousness. From that point, your Unconscious Power and Influence can help people into living at higher levels of unconsciousness.

Image from http://bit.ly/1qC9MpC

Image from http://bit.ly/1qC9MpC

I once learned to operate a small mini excavator, a piece of equipment that combined a backhoe, a tractor and a small dozer blade. We were visiting a friend who lived out in the boonies in Thailand, and he happened to have such equipment. At first, I had to think carefully before moving anything. When I tried to get the backhoe to do something I wanted, it would invariably do something else. Not because the backhoe was disobedient, but because I wasn’t handling it properly. It took me quite a few hours, days, in fact, to get the hang of it. By the time I was handling it well enough to be able to dig a ditch that didn’t look like a wiggly snake, it was time to leave and return home. Unconscious Power is something like that. We take the time and effort to become competent at a skill or set of skills. At first, we struggle to learn the new skillsets, then we are able to execute well, then we don’t even need to think about the basic operations, we just focus on doing what we set out to do. The mini excavator that I was working with was akin to a multiplier. It magnified my very limited strength and allowed me to dig ditches a lot faster than I would have managed to had I been using a manual hoe.

Unconscious Power is the ability to do deliver great value just by being there, without even thinking about it, because I have already invested the resources, time and effort to become great at whatever it is I deliver. Think about it. Do you have Unconscious Power? Do people around you feel great just because you’re there? Could it be because they feel your Unconscious Power and benefit from it in their own way? Perhaps you make people feel more confident when you step into the room? Look for signs the next time you are around people!

In my next post, I will discuss Conscious Authority. Look out for it!

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