Want To Be Heard? Then Listen!

BroadcasterI am always amazed at the capacity people have for taking one aspect of what someone is saying and treating it as the entire message. I see this so often on social media that I actually dread participating in certain discussions! We have been told so often to speak up and make ourselves heard that we have become broadcasters transmitting “I’m here, I’m saying this. Are you listening? Acknowledge, come in, please! Anybody out there?”

loud-hailer feedbackAre you being heard? Maybe it’s time for you to do this. Listen. Listen with your heart, and listen to the PERSON, not just pay attention to the message being transmitted to you. You’ll get noticed, believe me. And then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to say what you want to say. You’ll increase the likelihood of people hearing you if what you say is not about you, but about them. About others. About whether you care.

Try this today! Are you listening?

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