Water, Water, Everywhere, And In The Form Of Steam!

SteamThe Simple Truths clip on “212. The extra degree” came to my mind, but in a different way. I had actually written to them some time ago to say that I didn’t quite agree with the whole concept, since the clip neglected to take the latent heat of vapourization into consideration, but I was okay with where it was coming from. If you still haven’t seen it yet, click on the link I inserted in the first sentence of this paragraph. If you are a leader, you’d better. If you think you’re not a leader, you’d better, too.

In this post, I’d like to look at another aspect of how we see things. Where the business climate is concerned, you might have heard that “There is steam everywhere”, which means “Hey, things are picking up, lots of opportunities presenting themselves.” True, steam does appear from time to time, and at some times and in some places more than others. Energy, opportunities, value creation, are everywhere. And just as Benjamin Franklin put it, “The Constitution guarantees you the right to pursue happiness. You just have to catch it yourself.” And so it is with steam. The potential energy is all there. We just need to harness it to make it useful in the often twisted and strange ways we think of what constitutes usefulness.

Being the effective leader you already are, I’m sure that you, like many others, are thinking hard about how to harness all the steam you see rising from the ground all around you. Do share your thoughts!

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