We Don’t See Things As They Are. We See Things As We Are. So What?

EyesYou might be familiar with the saying “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” As leaders, we need to remember this for ourselves as well as for those around us, and lead accordingly.

That saying is true, of course. Our mental and emotional states tend to dictate how we perceive things, situations, moods and other people around us. Go a step further. Have you thought about what causes us to be “…as we are…”?

A short answer is “In the eye of the beholder.” You know that “We are what we eat”, “We are what we read”, and similar phrases. Add to those “We are what we behold constantly.”

What do you habitually place before your eyes? What thoughts do you think most? What activities do you like best and do most? Then think about how other people see you. Do they like what they see? Do you think that the image you portray to others is very uplifting, very inspiring?

As effective, practical leaders, how can we both become who we want to be and how can we inspire those we are responsible for towards desiring to behold and admire what is good? How do we eliminate gossip and get people to talk about dreams and how to help others instead of being self-interested?

One simple action step for today. Start getting everyone to “catch” someone else being good. Instead of “catching” someone else indulging in something they probably shouldn’t be indulging in. Share with us what happened!

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