Webs. 3D Webs. And So On.

The video gives a good illustration of how interconnected we really are. I do not agree with the worldviews expressed, particularly references to evolution, but I thought it was still a good illustration. In previous posts, I’ve alluded to something like this with Spider Webs, 3D Spider Webs, if you will.

huge-spider-webs-crossing-river_26175_600x450I think it is stark arrogance to presume that our forbears did not have network-centric thinking. The technology might not have been available yet, but tread carefully there! Remember that the Pyramids were built in a manner that resulted in them being more upright than most modern buildings. Huge stones were cut, polished and put together to construct huge buildings without the need for cement. It seems to me that much was lost, and we have only recently begun to realize how much.

The prevailing optimism about the benefits of realizing just how interconnected we all are, including connections with, to borrow a Douglas Adams phrase, “Life, the universe, and everything”, and wanting to act upon that knowledge, is perhaps misplaced. Yes, everything is interconnected. There are also such things as hubs, centres of influence, young and old, mature and immature, and a higher order of existence. Human beings have an innate desire to either dominate or else be a meaningful part of larger whole. The moment something supporting that desire is discovered, it is trumpeted as the next quantum leap forward. Significant, when you realize that most people do not even know what a quantum really is.

Georgius_Agricola_ErzsucherTake time to understand the significance of what it really means that we are so interconnected. Examine yourself in the light of the Butterfly Effect. Ask yourself, “How am I of value to those connected to me?” I dare say it would make a lot of difference to you. How will you manifest that difference today? Now?

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