What stakes are you tied to?

The story of the elephant tied to a stake which it could easily break free of is well known. It is used by some as an illustration of how we can break free from ideas and beliefs which tie us down unnecessarily. I don’t think that is a true story, and there are some others who don’t think it’s true either, but it makes for an interesting illustration.

What stakes are you tied to? Are they high stakes, low stakes or what stakes are they? Do you want to break free of those stakes? What is the reason you want to break free? If you have great and wonderful reasons for breaking free, how come you haven’t broken free yet? Is the real reason you haven’t broken free is fear of losing the conveniences which being tied to stakes affords you? Have you committed yourself to some life goals which you think forces you to remain bound?

Waiting for the government or some higher authority to make things better for everyone is an option, of course. It is also a sign that you’re bound to that stake. Taking up the responsibility for catching your own happiness, your own fulfillment in life and business, is a better option. What are you doing about that? Yes, I mean right now.

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