What? You Still Looking For Employees?

You’re hiring again? Great! Always good to hear of expansion and increasing business volumes. Just a minute – what did you say you were hiring? You DID say you were hiring? Hiring employees? Why are you doing that?

EmployerYou must be wondering what I’m talking about by now. After all, there are employers and there are employees, ja? Of course. That relationship has been around for a long while now. We have seen various types of employers and employees and different degrees of satisfaction each side has with the other. Let’s step back and consider this. What if all employers treat each employee as, well, not an employee per se, but as a highly essential growth partner, which each of them really are? What if each employer were to treat each employee as though that employee were a son or daughter? Now, before you dismiss this as being too nutty for you, let me assert that most of you reading this actually have very little idea of how parent-child relationships ought to be. Too many in this modern society spoil their children rotten. Pity. We might have had so many more great growth partners otherwise. Yes, I mean it! Employers, treat your employees as though they were perhaps just a little short of the status of your own children! That by no means implies that they don’t work hard for you, as they definitely ought to. Nor does it mean that you will never ever be able to dismiss those who refuse to pull their weight in spite of all you do for them. Rather, to quote from Sun Tzu, “Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.” Do that, and you will find that management duties become much lighter for you as the employer!

AppreciationWhat about employees, who are still so called in this day and age? How ought you to treat your employers? Do you seek their good? Are you concerned with how you can make your employers successful? Are you known to your co-workers as someone who can be depended upon to always do great work, and even lend a helping hand when needed? Do you have a reputation as a “go-to” person? Be happy if you do, for you are someone of inestimable worth! Let the waves of cynicism flow past you and offer your hand of help and hope to the source of that cynicism. Never let those dark waves deter you from being who you are – your most valuable self. And in time if you see yourself simply continue to be exploited, you will know how to extricate yourself and either join someone else or strike out on your own.

Employers and employees. I hope we find better terms for them soon. In the meantime, treat each other well, with love and respect, as some of my friends would say!

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