What’s In A Title? Is it really your brand?


Many of us have been told that the content of our work, presentations or other offerings is not important. “Have a juicy title. Attract your audience first, then present what you want to present to them”. I don’t know about you, but such advice rankles as far as I am concerned. I am not saying that good, juicy titles are not important. What I am saying is that whatever it is we are offering must live up to the title. I have said in a previous issue of my newsletter, when it was still Shining Arrow, that we should Level Up and not Dumb Down. Attract quality and let quality attract other quality!

I was browsing the Singapore Business Review page today and spotted the article depicted above. Reading through to the end, I became aware that what was really being said was that “It is not that companies in these sectors are not growing – it is that companies in other sectors are now growing faster.” So, does that mean that what used to be the three powerhouses of the Singapore economy are faltering? Or is it that the times and seasons are a-changing? Judge for yourself. The point is, if I detect that there is not a wholesome congruence  in the overall message, will I still trust the contents of the message? This example of incomplete congruence is of course a very mild one. There are others which occur in many publications, websites, print media and so on which are far more obvious, but which, I am afraid, go unnoticed by a large percentage of a populace requiring larger and larger amounts of stupefying “drugs”.

So, as the weekend approaches, take a little thought about the face of your business. Does that face truly represent what your business stands for? If not, what will you do about it? Consistent congruence between the espoused and the observable builds your brand. Make no mistake about that! I wish you genuine congruence. And a powerful brand in a while.

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