Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

And by that I mean genuine leaders. Leaders whose basic interest is in improving the lot for themselves and for others around them. Leaders who believe that it is one of their fundamental duties to grow so that they in turn can grow others along with them. Leaders who aspire to make others “Greater Than Themselves” while they are still alive and yet fail miserably in that endeavour because they can’t stop themselves growing as well, and they’ve had a head start. Leaders who continually inspire, encourage, equip and love others with a view that, at the end of their own lives, they transfer the last of all they have to at least one other person, and that person continues to build upon what they have left behind.

Bridge too farDoes that seem like an order too tall? Well, how do you eat an elephant? A mouthful at a time, obviously. Huge assignments can always be broken down into bite-size chunks if we would but take the time and effort to do so. What is one thing you can do to continue building up the leader in you, so that at least one other person in your sphere of influence grows a little bit more because of what you do? Perhaps you could help that person develop a good habit for the next month or so, then another good habit, and so on. You could be the much-needed accountability partner for that one person. Now, surely that is not too much to ask of you, is it?

Or perhaps you could get that person to hold YOU accountable for your continued building of a strength you desire to have, perhaps partly to vanquish a weakness that you know you cannot simply ignore. By doing so, you are demonstrating that you, too, are vulnerable and that you yourself need to grow, and that, humanly speaking, it can be done. Your example might be just what that person needs to start on his own development journey!

So, stop hiding in your comfortable closet, take the challenge and start BEING the leader you were meant to be. If not you….. who? If not now….. when?

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