Where’s Your Armour?

Positive inspirational quotes mean well. You just need to know the meanings undergirding them, and be familiar with the environment in which they were formed. They are good to have in front of your face when you’re dirty, cold, wet, tired, hungry and miserable. They’re nice to remember when you’re reeling with a bloody nose from a well-placed hook. But that’s all they are. Reminders. And what they mean to YOU. You draw on them to help you muster that extra within you. They are like armour. They reduce the terminal effects of incoming kinetic energy designed to kill you. 

Body ArmourAnd that is definitely the range of equipment we tend to forget – our armour. Armour is not insensitivity or callousness, nor does it magically help you to “ignore pain”. Armour is a contingency measure. It’s there in case you do get hit. Just because you’ve got your armour on doesn’t mean you can walk around the business sphere as though you were a contemporary bullet-proof John Wayne or a Rambo. In fact, you need to be even more nimble and alert because of all that additional weight. Even Main Battle Tanks don’t just drive around the battle sphere as though they owned it. Just ask any tank driver, he’ll tell you!

TankHave you inspected your company’s armour recently? Dusted off your contingency plans? Actually conducted and executed your fire drills? Held your scenario exercises rigorously? Made sure the relevant people were well-versed with your Business Continuity Plans? You should. It’s not just a good idea. Your life depends on it. And while you’re doing all that great, practical stuff, remember to load up with Positive Inspirational Quotes as well. Make sure you dig into the stories behind those quotes as well, and reflect on how those quotes are relevant to you. Makes a world of difference when you next get hit.

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