Who should pay attention to employees’ mental health?

Straits Times article which caught my eye

A Straits Times article with this theme caught my eye just now. As always, I ask whose responsibility it should be. My answer is of course each and every employee’s responsibility! Why are we asking employers to be responsible? The employer’s responsibility is to ensure that the company continues to thrive and be of increasing value to all stakeholders. That includes employees. That means, for the employer, the continued forging of ergonomic workplace environments and workplace culture. It includes ensuring that the right people are taken on board and given every opportunity to demonstrate excellence leading to more pay, benefits, promotion, etc. The employee’s responsibility is to demonstrate increasing worth to the company via desirability through excellence in technical job competence, continuous learning and application and contributing to a positive working culture which impacts the environment.

Can we stop encouraging crybabies? Go FIND and DEVELOP continuously the people you want to have. BE the employer people fight tooth and nail to work for!

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