Who’s your guru? Is your guru your god?

Who is your God? Don’t want God? Ok, who are your gurus?

That might sound like a strange title for a post, but as I see more and more people talking about things like having your house full of books, which is supposed to ensure literacy for your children, having personal coaches, mentors, and so on, and of course, whether you are “fans” of sports teams, stars and the like, it doesn’t sound so strange any more. I remember one passenger alighting near some spa or other and telling me that “people need their massages”. Well, whatever you may think, I maintain that people have a need for gurus, because people don’t want to think about God. Which then makes gods out of gurus. People have a great need to worship, and if God is not worshipped, then someone or something else will take the place of God.

Ponder for a moment. Whom do you admire the most? How much like that person or persons have you become? Is what you admire the most a thing, an animal, or things like “the universe”? Well, how much like that thing have you become? If you don’t like what you see yourself becoming, what WOULD you like to see? Do you even know? What do others say about you? Is what they say in line with what you aspire to become?

How about myself, the writer of this post? I can truly say that I have no gurus because I belong to God, and He teaches me everything I need to know. Mind you, I get much knowledge and understanding from many sources, but to me they are all provided for by my God. So, I obtain from many sources, but I see none as my gurus. This is very helpful because the last time I checked, no guru is infallible. Even if I were to see myself as a guru, I know full well that I myself am fallible also. It’s best for you if your gurus were all found in God.

Now, I know that most people still prefer gurus to God, so allow me to recommend a few that I do follow, even though I don’t take them as gurus.

1. The “Million Dollar Consultant” Alan Weiss remains one whom I still respect, even though I do not agree with some of what he says or believes in. Overall, he makes a lot of sense, so he is a good guru if you want one.

2. Ron Jensen, of “Make a life, not a living”, now rebranded as “Achieving Authentic Success”, repute. Character training remains in my book of paramount importance, and I don’t believe in the dichotomy of “character and competence”. It’s character development. Period. Everything else flows from there.

3. The original Bill Gothard’s character training series remains one of the foundational stones in the bedrock of character training. I hope they are still available. Call me if you can’t find them.

4. Harvey MacKay of “Swim with the sharks without being eaten alive” and who came up with the “MacKay 66” Customer Relationships Management (CRM) tool in the era of paper and pen, is still solid if you believe that making decisions with your head and not your heart is key to running your business.

5. Creation Ministries International is a great example of level-headed science without the hype and deception. It helps a lot if you are willing to stop simply believing mainstream scientists and take a good hard look at the evidence for evolution. (There isn’t any). That leads you to greater level-headedness in other areas of life.

6. Read the Bible. With comprehension. Not just religiously.

7. The Hoover Institution is a fantastic source of clear, level-headed thinking and analysis. I don’t agree with everything they say or do, but they are still a great resource.

8. Geopolitical Futures’ George Friedman is coldly analytical AND synthesizes geopolitics very well indeed.

I said a few, so eight is enough. Contact me if you want more.

So, who is your God? If you choose not to believe God, then who are your gurus? Like me to help you find good ones?

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