Why I Find Marketing So Difficult

The TSA was birthed in the US because of concerns over the changing security landscape. However, a different TSA had already existed long before that – the Terminally Self-Absorbed. This is a class of people for whom Self has taken the preeminence. This class has been growing, and is the main reason why I find marketing so difficult.

Moral standards marketsThe schools and gurus tell us that marketing and sales are different. Of course they are, because to me, they reside in different places. Whether you regard sales as the tactical arm of marketing or whether you regard sales and marketing as residing at different places along a continuum, you are probably right. Marketing is like proclaiming the value you offer. Sales is like saying why you should be the one providing that value. Even with all the other definitions and permutations thrown in, marketing and sales should be easy enough. Right?

Old CoupleWrong! For me, anyway. I think it has to do with what excites most people and what doesn’t. If you’re selling cars, you would probably say to the buyer that he or she looks great in the car. Or you might mention the feeling of power when the buyer gets behind the wheel. Or perhaps the feel of luxury and great taste that comes with the sleek body and noiseless engine.  How it complements the great outfits the buyer wears. Ron Jenson said that what appeals to people most are the five Ps of Power, Prestige, Prosperity, Position and Pleasure. Those are not genuine needs at all! They are merely mirages of what we really need. What we DO need are Self-Efficacy, Being Inspirational, Genuine Wealth, Contentment and Fulfillment.

The TSA don’t see it that way. For them, it’s the five Ps that count. Which is why marketing is both so easy and so difficult for me. Quite a situation to be in. Anyone else facing the same conundrum?

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