Wish You Could Fire Your Boss? Why? So You Can Take Over?

Fire the Boss. Secret and not-so-secret desires of many people. We ARE an arrogant lot, aren’t we? Thinking that we can do better if we were in the Boss’ shoes. Which is astounding, since very few ever bother walking in the Boss’ shoes for any distance at all. Few attempt to engage with the Boss, give helpful, genuine suggestions for improvement, and fewer still actually do any amount of meaningful work. You’re not one of those people, of course.

We need to practice leading in all directions. Inwards, downwards, sideways and upwards. Stop practicing what you preach and start preaching what you practice! But before you do, make sure that what you are practicing is worth preaching!

So, before you actually DO fire the Boss, consider if you have walked in his shoes, whether you’re really a valuable employee (be brutally honest with yourself), and whether what you practice is worth preaching. If all the signs are go, then you have sufficient grounds to actually do it. What are you going to do?

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