You know what? Size DOES matter!

Elephants in jungleSo how do you get BIG?
Being big means that you tend to affect those around you. You cannot help it, you are simply too big to avoid it. Size does matter. Does it mean, then, that the big fish will continue to eat up the smaller fish? Does it mean that the smaller fish are doomed to a life of subservience to the bigger fish? Not at all! Think about it! A six-foot man can be felled by just one mosquito carrying the dengue virus. A Blue Whale can be killed by a bacterial infection if the number of harmful bacteria has an opportunity to swell.

How does a large entity continue to thrive? By staying healthy and ensure that it keeps growing. By having a noble purpose in life and continuing faithfully to see to the basics. By continuously formulating and implementing strategies to ensure that it shapes the environment to supply the necessary air, water, food and energy resources that it needs. By ensuring that it maintains the ecological balance so vital to sustaining life.
So how do small entities gain size? Well, a small entity gains in size in various ways. Besides the most obvious one of growing itself into another large entity, a small entity can gain what it needs by forming alliances and tapping on pooled resources. It may decide to leverage on the potency of its offerings, in much the same way that the small fer-de-lance produces the most lethal poison. It may decide to reproduce by means of franchising. It may decide to become so vital to a certain large entity in a symbiotic sort of way, much like a cleaner wrasse, and it may decide to gain in size by offering special products that no one else is able or willing to supply.
Yes, size matters indeed. It’s just that you don’t always need to grow in size physically. Think of other ways.
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