You Like Tips? Careful, You Might Miss The Iceberg.

Did the Titanic hit the iceberg and sink because she was not aware that there were icebergs in the area she was in? Definitely not. Radio messages relayed by Morse code were being sent from ship to ship reporting icebergs in the very area that the Titanic was sailing in. Why the messages were largely ignored remains a mystery. Could it have been due to the extant feelings of buoyancy and supreme achievement? After all, the Titanic was the best luxury liner of the time, and perhaps there were even subconscious thoughts that, like the Prince of Wales and the Repulse less than thirty years later, she was “unsinkable”?

Titanic striking iceberg

The imagery of icebergs and tips of icebergs reminds me of how often people today seem to take a perverse sort of pride in having very short attention spans and only reading or looking up posts, articles, books, video clips, etc, if they happen to have fanciful titles that catch their attention. Are you one of them? If so, be careful. You might miss the iceberg because you’re too busy looking for tips.

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