yt ilib isnop serym siti

No, that’s not a tongue-twister. In fact, it’s something for you and I to focus on. Focusing on this will help a lot in freeing us to be and do all that we are meant to. Ready? Say it out loud, now, “yt ilib isnop serym siti!”. Hmmm…let’s do that again, shall we? With a lot more gusto this time….. “yt ilib isnop serym siti!” That’s better! Now, in case you’ve been wondering what that phrase is, I’d like for you to flip it around left-to-right 180°. Now what do you read? Let’s read it aloud together…”itis myres ponsi bili ty!” Got it? Louder now….“It is my responsibility!”

Abdication of responsibility has been found to be responsible for schizophrenic behaviour. It is one of the major reasons for the erosion of resilience and creativity in our society. When responsibility for our own attitudes and actions is laid on the shoulders of society, a deprived childhood, “the system”, the “rat race”, and on similar bloviated persiflage, perpetrators of irresponsible behaviour become “free” of the consequences of such behaviour and therefore become slaves to irrationality and become increasingly prone to selfish and antisocial acts.

Stop the destructive cycle now. Take responsibility for your own attitudes, thoughts and actions, and you will start to be able to truly Make Things Happen! Go well!

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