Zero In On Caring For People

All human beings have two basic motivating drives. The first is fear of loss. The second is desire for gain. There is nothing wrong with these motivating drives. What usually happens is imbalance between the two and having an inappropriate focus on self. Have you noticed that selfish people are the most miserable people on the planet? Think back to those periods of your life when you know you have been selfish, and ask yourself if you were truly happy. No, I do not mean you have to live like a beggar and serve the needs of others, ignoring your own needs, but simply to focus much more on others than you do on yourself. Tolerance is a key quality in learning to care for others. Come and learn how to be fulfilled and increase your net worth by Caring for Others around you!

As part of the MAXIMIZERS mini-workshop series, Elijah Consulting is pleased to present the Zero In On Caring For People mini-workshop!


  • Do I really care for people? Why should I?
  • What, really, is Tolerance?
  • Seek first to Understand. That simple?
  • Greater Than Yourself? Why?
  • Committing to action.

Date & Time: Monday 29 Oct 2012, 1900 – 2100 hrs.

Light refreshments will be served from 1800 hrs. Come early and network with other participants! Remember to bring your business cards along!

Investment: $40 per participant. $60 for two participants registering together.


50 Serangoon North Avenue 4 #07-10 First Centre Singapore 555856.



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