A Trainer of Substance

Peng TattDo people feel good when they are around you? How do you know? Do you hear them talking about it? Do they come up to you and say that you made them feel great, in so many words? Congratulations, you’re well on your way to becoming a Trainer of Substance! There are at least three reasons why training is required.

  1. Increase competency in some area or skill
  2. Increase capacity in an existing ability, competency or skill
  3. Acquire competencies and skills which do not come naturally

doctrineIt seems to be fashionable for us to say that we’re in business so that we can help others, be more environmentally responsible, run sustainable ventures and so forth. Well, first, we need to be positioned, equipped and possess the capabilities and capacities to do so. One of the ways we can do that is to hone our own skills as trainers. Trainers aren’t only part of an esoteric group of people.who happen to love talking to groups of other people, trying to convince them to change their mindsets, behaviour and so forth, although we do do some of that. All of us are involved in training at some point or other, whether we happen to be training ourselves or whether we are engaged in training someone else, or perhaps a group of people. You don’t have to be called a Professional Trainer to be engaged in training. How about that?

This course does not end with you getting a certification. It ends with you gaining an increase in your capabilities and capacities to conduct a wide spectrum of training interventions as part of your people development repertoire. It gives you a boost in your own journey of maximizing others as you maximize yourself.

This is for aspiring trainers, in-house trainers, itinerant trainers and incumbent trainers wanting to hone their skills so that they can not simply make others feel good, but actually do something to get others to be good, or to get better. It’s for those who are looking for qualifications much more than for certifications. If that’s you, download the pdf here, and make contact with us if you’d like to attend the course.

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