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Christina KohElijah went out of his way to help me deliver my first public talk about how to be on top of your company finances. The one thing he said that helped me most was that I should never, ever, worry about not being able to answer questions from the floor. No matter how technically competent I am, there is no way I can know everything. So, if I don’t know the answer, say so! Then find out and get back to the person, and the rest of the audience as well. As time goes by, I would get better and better at handling such situations. If you need help with your presentations, look for Elijah!

~ Christina Koh. Owner, Cloud Accounting & Accountancy Pte Ltd ~

From the Deep Impact Team. My privilege to work with them.



Janelle back



Serene Leong

When I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, Elijah was there to be that voice of reason, voice of guidance. When I was confronted with doubts and issues, he helped me see things more clearly, articulate my thoughts, cleared the maze that I thought I would not be able to get through. For all of those things, I am grateful for Elijah.

As a coachee, he would follow up on the things I said I would get done. He made sure I was moving, progressing. He reminded me of what I should do and would do so gently. But I know if I needed my butt kicked, he would do that also. In short, he would do what was needed for me to achieve my objectives.

I find it important that I trust my life coach’s advice and see integrity in his daily life. Elijah is definitely such a man. He conducts himself honestly and with great integrity. I couldn’t ask for more from a life coach and a friend.

With thanks & gratitude,
Serene Leong

“Not only is Elijah sincere, he offers both practical and intelligent strategic advice to help me figure out the best courses of action available. I have to say I am impressed how he could make a big problem seem like a piece of cake.”

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Jefferson Danrage Chua

hi, Mr Elijah

Thank you for sharing your interesting and helpful talk, this morning at Edgefield Primary School. Your presentation skills and loud vocal tell me that you seem to be Toastmaster member/committee. I strongly believe so, after viewing your website.

Pls kindly advise if there’s public speaking course from TMC for my 10-yr old girl. She’s rather shy and lacking confidence in this area. Thank you.


~ Linda Chew, parent at Edgefield Primary School ~

“Elijah has helped me clearly see what I needed to navigate around or how i can overcome obstacles which were actually obstacles only in my own mind. This has given me an improved clarity and urgency to plan and carry out an action to resolve them. I also gained different insights and became more assertive while I carried out different tasks, actually knowing how I handled the situation benefit my business counterparts. This helped me to improve business relationships and my business operations became smoother as a result.”  ~Bill Sai, Air Doctor also owner of another three companies~

Resolving Issues via Personal Leadership Effectiveness (RIPLE) on 28 Mar 2012

“Titles like ” How to make money” does not interest me! 
There are many mlm company that offers talk with such topics, and I think it has loose its appeal to many!
I agree that topics need to be attractive and appealing, but contents and what we get out of the workshops are still my main consideration. But to be honest, the reason why I attended this workshop is coz I trust Elijah as a friend and a coach, to be able to deliver something which I can benefit, whatever the topics!!
If the trainer is not Elijah Lim, I may not even bother to attend! LOL 
The segment whereby I find it most beneficial is the activity whereby we were supposed to make something that represent our Leader. —  As I was trying to make something out of nothing, the process make me think and realize about things which I have not really thought about .
So, activities like this, that makes me think and discuss as a group works well with me!
Thanks Elijah for a great workshop!
Angeelia Phua, Founder, PRZENC Image Club ~
“I agreed with Angee”
Anthony Low, Smell Killer ~
“My ‘AHA’ moment for your case is your strength lies with “Leadership Training” and frankly speaking, your years of experience in Army made it a good backup and support for your training….Like Angeelia mentioned, I come to the workshop because of Elijah.”
Lim Peng Tatt, Healthy Lifestyle Specialist ~
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