What’s a Coach for? Not Aunt Agony. Nor Uncle Hubris.

What do we think of when the word “coach” comes to mind? Football? Basketball? Perhaps sports coaches come to mind more readily than life or business coaches. Most people experience sports coaches quite frequently, whether they play a sport or see them on TV or in films. Hmmm… but life or business coach? Not many people that I know of seem to be acquainted with THOSE. Sure, they do know of their existence, but not many have experienced breakthroughs and successes from being coached by a professional coach.


One of the meanings of the word “coach” is synonymous with the word “carriage”, as in the horse-drawn conveyances of times past. So, one of the functions of a coach is really to carry a person or persons from one place to another. A coach is meant to serve the needs of the one being coached. The coaching process is all about the coachee, not the coach. A good coach carries the coachee along to arrive at powerful, positive destinations. When a coachee is undergoing a good coaching session, the coachee would not even know that the coach is there, just as a good conveyance would not even be noticed by the passengers enjoying the ride.

But that’s not all. A good coach ensures that follow-through is effected. No matter how ennobling the goal, how captivating the vision, positive emotions, starry eyes and bushy tails will last as long as the coachee is in a comfortable, serene and supportive environment. When the rubber hits the road, when the coachee gets dirty, cold, wet, tired, hungry and miserable, those lofty ideals tend to vapourize. That is when the coach is actually most needed. That is also when the engagement ends. You need to move further than a positive coaching experience. Your positive coaching experience needs to become manifest change for the better in the real world.

This is what I do. Do hop on and journey along to achieve significance in all areas of your life and business! Remember what I said about holding your hand and kicking your butt. Contact me for a discussion on how I can serve your needs today!

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