Why experts need Training

Experts Need Training?

doctrineOf course they do. All the time! That’s why they’re experts. Real experts understand very deeply the importance of continuously training to maintain themselves at certain desired baseline levels. They tailor their training according to known cycles before known major events. Can you think of any examples? Olympic athletes. Racecar drivers. Fighter pilots. Rescue personnel. First-Aiders. Supply Chain Professionals. All so-called practitioners need some form of training from time to time as well. It’s very easy for Practitioners to become deluded into thinking that they know it all. After all, aren’t Practitioners the very people who are the “Boots on the Ground”? Well, yes, that’s true, but it doesn’t mean they know everything!

How is that so? Well, when you’re in the thick of executing “Current Operations”, you tend to lose sight of what’s happening in adjacent areas. In fact, you might not even see what’s happening right under your very nose! Training for “Boots on the Ground” people means taking a step back, going back to Headquarters and getting a grasp of what the overall situation looks like. It means putting the Tactical and Strategic Heads together and perhaps work out new tactics or different ways of doing things. Or even doing things the same way but going to different areas. Yes, the Experts are really Experts because they know what they need to be trained in and how!

Are You an Expert?

This question isn’t asking about your level of self-esteem. It’s asking, whatever you’re doing in your business, would your customers call you an expert? That’s including your emphasis on Customer Loyalty and the rest of the good stuff. If you think you need to get to the Expert level in your own area of business, look me up. I may not be an Expert in your field, but I’m definitely an Expert getting you to become an expert in your field! If you’re already an expert, that’s even better. It means you understand that you need training in specific areas even more than ever! Call or drop me a line!

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