Pret-a-Parler. Ready-to-Speak!

Pret-a-Parler. French for “Ready to Speak.” Don’t know how to pronounce it? Simple! Just check with Professor Google and he’ll tell you! I don’t speak French myself, but I came across a similar expression in French and thought it would be cool to add it to my vocabulary.

So what is this workshop about? As what it says! Ready to Speak! Get an opportunity to raise your public speaking and presentation skills to the next level! I come across so many people who really need this, and I decided that I want to help out in my own way! Are you game? Then read on!

You have a message for the world. All of us have a message for the world. Too many leave this world with their message still inside them. How do you get your message out? One of the best ways is simply to practice! You will prepare a ten-minute speech, presentation, talk, or whatever you want to call it. You can choose to use powerpoint or other slides, cue cards, hold a piece of paper, use flip charts or whiteboards or use a model as your centrepiece. If you just want to stand or sit and talk, that’s fine too! Whatever you want, it’s PRACTICE time!

When you’re done, the other participants will offer their views as to how great you were, and what you need to pay attention to in order to be even greater! Take notes, think it through quickly and then give your full attention to the next participant. Do the same thing for them until everyone has had their turn. Then, start working on your own presentation in your own small group. You can choose to help each other out if you want to. Then each participant will present their own improved presentation or talk, and the process repeats. This will be done until all participants are Pret-a-Parler! With increased confidence to bring their message to the world!

You will need to bring your own laptop if you intend to use powerpoint slides. Other than that, writing materials, flipcharts and whiteboards are available if you need them. See you there!

Date: Thursdays 04, 11, 18, 25 July 2019

Time: 0930-1730 hrs

Venue: Success Trees Training Room 12 Arumugam Road #02-11 LTC Building B Singapore 409958

Victuals: Two tea breaks and lunch provided

Fee: $129.00

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