Remote Coaching. A Highly Accessible Present-Day Engagement.

You’re looking at getting fresh perspectives from someone who isn’t in the system you’re in. Preferably someone remote. Someone who thinks strategically and yet has enough hands-on experience to be able to zoom in and out at will. Someone who will help you do the same. Help you see the same things in different ways. Help you look both inwards and outwards so that you gain fresh, actionable insights. Someone who will treat you as a peer and who will not hesitate to call you out if he thinks you’re making a bad decision. Who will say so if he thinks you’re on track. Who looks forward to getting some insights from you even as he helps you open new vistas of possibility.

Remote coaching offers all of the above. This is especially for you if you are not located in Singapore. Humpback whales communicate with each other over thousands of miles of ocean. So can we. Sessions will be via Zoom and recordings will be sent to you or uploaded as unlisted on my YouTube Channel for you to download as required. Once downloaded, the videos will be deleted unless you request that they stay on my YouTube site.

So, if you want to explore how you can have a better grip on your business and remain a value-generating, profitable entity, contact me now. Let’s see if we are good partners for the project at hand. Email me at [email protected] or call or message/ Whatsapp me at +6597119005. If you’re ready to go, you can purchase first and coordinate slots with me , please make sure you do so!

Remote Coaching. Now brought Really Close to you!


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