Did you know that experts need training much more than most other people? How is that so? Well, it’s about something called “path dependence.” It’s similar to “I’m the expert. I teach this stuff. Trust me!” Heard that before? Or read it somewhere in the “Famous Last Words” column? Know an expert or two who needs training in their own field? Read more here…

BasicsThe main benefit you get out of training with us is that we determine what your needs are first before we engage, if we do engage, not just because you happen to have a budget. Training delivered in isolation is never helpful, and we will insist on your participation in designing the training plan before delivery. The best option is to build in follow-up sessions and/ or coaching for teams or specific individuals.

Training is required for three things. One is to increase competence in an existing capability. The second is to increase capacity (enlargement). Lastly, it is needed because the skills and competencies desired do not come naturally to most people. Contact us if those are your concerns as well!

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