Read Aloud. Prep for Pret-a-Parler!

From the collections of the State Library of NSW

One of the things we can do to help us along the road to better public speaking and presentations is to practice reading aloud. Yes, reading aloud. Yes, from a script.

You choose a script that is not more than one A4 page in Arial 12 font or similar. If you can’t decide, let me know and I will recommend a script for you. Might as well learn something else useful while you’re about it! Read the script, record it and send both script and audio to me. I will listen and either send the audio of my reading of the same script to you, or splice my comments in and then send it back. This will be done up to three times. By that time, you would have improved significantly and can move on to reading another script or request for a higher level of help.

Material in the scripts should be of interest to yourself and should be acceptable to both of us. Only then will we proceed. You can view a few examples below. Please note that videos will only be uploaded if both of us think it would be helpful. Otherwise, all recordings would remain private.

Fiona Leow


Niyaz Kannanchery

Winifred Tan








Contact me to work out details first before making payment.

E: [email protected]

Cellphone or Whatsapp: +6597119005

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