Examples Of Training Workshops

At Elijah Consulting, we conduct workshops, In-House or otherwise, (but not Out-House) with a view to equipping business leaders with the necessary Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge in order to best address the ongoing developmental needs of the business. Usually this means honing of leadership qualities for the business leaders and the utterly essential “soft skills” for the staff. Although technical skills are extremely important as well, they are relatively easier to master unless we are talking about brain surgery or cosmological science. All training workshops are starting points or at best boosters for ongoing leadership and staff development. It is highly recommended that the business engage us for holistic developmental packages which will prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. Quick fixes are not recommended, in much the same vein as one not administering a belly bandage for a duodenal ulcer!

The following workshops are available. All of them are fully customizable for your own unique needs. Pre and post workshop/ intervention surveys can also be conducted. We strongly recommend them. The surveys can be ready-made surveys or 360° metrics, or we will work with you to develop your own. The following are available:

Leadership Sans Cadres.

You know the importance of leadership development in your organization. You want to have a ready pool of people with the right leadership qualities when your business grows, and to steer a taut ship when the inevitable storms come. Read more…

Helping Others To Succeed (HOTS).

Get your leaders to start having the HOTS for developing, establishing and sustaining collaborative work environments! Read more…

Developing BEcisiveness.

Dilemmas. Devil or Deep Blue Sea. Damned if I Do, Damned if I Don’t. The BEcisiveness workshop is where leaders discover if their own personal values are actual values or merely espoused. Read more…

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