Transformational Leadership Workshop

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FRLM-Graphic_1In 1985, Bernard Bass expanded on James MacGregor Burns’ “Transformational Leadership”, explaining the psychological mechanisms that underlie transforming and transactional leadership. Bass used the term “transformational” instead of “transforming”. In the 1990s, Bass and Avolio, through empirical study, mapped the most common leadership approaches of managers and military commanders. They placed Transformational and Transactional Leadership on a continuum and defined more stages at the passage between the two leadership approaches. This model is called “The full range of leadership.”[1] Please refer to the graphic, which can be found at

MLQThe Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) gives extremely useful feedback to leaders as to how often they exhibit transformational leadership behaviours and how often they tend towards the passive-avoidant portion of the leadership continuum. Research validated benchmarks are provided, and are a useful gauge of the current leadership effectiveness of your organization’s leaders at the current moment, compared to leaders worldwide. Unlike many other leadership assessments, the MLQ discusses the full range of leadership behaviours, including Passive-Avoidant types of behaviours, which are not normally associated with desirable leadership attributes. Bearing in mind that all leaders exhibit all these characteristics at one time or another, the Full Range Leadership Model via the MLQ thus provides an excellent framework for organizations desiring a shake-up of their leadership apparatus. If you want your organization to take quantum leaps forward, the Full Range Leadership Model is definitely something you will consider. The pain is definitely worth it!


  • Greater satisfaction with your own enhanced leadership skills and attributes
  • Greater satisfaction with your leadership by your constituents, i.e., those you lead
  • Established Leadership Framework helps develop and sustain internal leadership attributes
  • Common language for leadership development throughout the organization

Concept    Establishment of a leadership development framework using “Transformational Leadership” framework as follows:Leaders Workbook

  • Conduct of a 2-day in-house workshop for incumbent leaders
  • Pre-workshop assignments to be handed in one week before the workshop proper
  • Administering of Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) 4 weeks before the workshop proper
  • Optional administering of second MLQ six months after the workshop
  • Optional leadership coaching based on MLQ during the six months between workshop and administering of second MLQ. The time frame is as illustrated below:

TLW Month 1


Leadership Competency Implementation Coaching

TLW Month 6

Broad Outline of 2-Day In-House Workshop

Day One

Day One

Day Two

Day Two

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[1] From the Mind Garden website

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