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You're doing well in your business. Your personal life is getting along quite well. You know that now is the time to become stronger, to grow while you can, while things are good. I make a valuable partner in helping you see growth and potential. Or perhaps you know that you're on the way to achieving your goals, and you want to get a boost. I help you gain clarity and this motivates you to greater heights!

We make Refining & Actualizing Strategy (RAS) part of your Reticular Activating System (RAS). Get in the habit!


You know what you want. You know where you're going. You just can't seem to get there. What you need is a new perspective. A reframing. Coming to grips with who you really are. You need a coach. You need an accountability partner. Contact me now!

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Training is one of the subsets within the universal set called consulting. I aim to provoke and to nurture as and when appropriate. Do not expect to be spoon-fed at my workshops or other training programs. A workshop is where work is done - by the participants.

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I've spoken on various topics centered on leadership, personal development and relationships. I can speak on almost any topic at the drop of a hat. People enjoy it because there is a lot of Q & A inbuilt. I've never been interested in delivering content - you can get that anywhere. I speak in order to provoke you to action.

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I help you make decisions. Good decisions. One or two might even be great!

Consulting work is focused on making things better for you, the client. With 24 years of "Making things Happen" in the Armed Forces under my belt, coupled with delivering training workshops, team building and coaching interventions since 2006, I bring both contrarian and practical leadership competencies to put backbone and muscle into your organization's leadership apparatus. We all know that everything rises or falls on leadership. My focus is on everyday application. Working knowledge of the leadership frameworks is of course necessary but of secondary importance. My emphasis is to ensure that your leaders, and your organization, do two things common to all living things:

1.     Grow.

2.     Reproduce.

Failure to exhibit either would mean that you are not a value-creating entity and you would need to ask yourself whether you should even be in business!

Establishing Cognition, Operationalizing Strategy reflects our modus operandi of partnering with you in putting your strategy into effect via continuous transformation and maintenance of good corporate culture. To this end, it is vital that your organization's leaders keep on learning and practicing.

E: [email protected]

M: +6597119005

Skype: elijah.lim