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Are you someone who has gone through all the training workshops, has many years in leadership positions under your belt, has done your 360s, has read the books, has watched the videos, and still feel inadequate and alone being a leader? You know that you need to BE an effective leader, not just a figurehead, and definitely not struggling just to fulfill your own job requirements, let alone get your people to fulfill theirs! You don’t seem to have time for any more “leadership development” for yourself, and your staff aren’t responding to similar programs as you think they ought to. There is no one for you to talk to, and you could really use some help!

Well, I’ve got news for you! I now run an online service – The HELM. It is a subscription-basedmembers-only online group of which I am the coach and chief mentor. You will join the HELM, not for premium content, although you will also get that, but you will join the HELM primarily because you want my time and attention. All discussions are moderated by myself in order to ensure that all members derive the maximum benefit from them. Members also benefit by getting to hear different points of view from other members from around the globe. I will answer all questions within 48 hours or sooner. If you find that you need to have face-to-face or personal coaching, that can also be arranged separately.

If what you have read describes you, read on! If what you have read does not describe you, thank you for your time, and do feel free to explore the rest of my site!

Well, congratulations for staying here! You have probably already experienced my website and you know what value I already deliver free-of-charge. However, you need more than that, and these are the additional benefits of joining my Highly Effective Leadership Mentoring (HELM) online group.

  1. Access to web-based discussions 24/7.
  2. Ask questions and have them answered by me personally within 48 hours.
  3. Benefit from comments and insights from other group members. I will continue as coach and chief mentor at all times. Comments from group members are monitored by myself.
  4. You can choose to use a nickname. I will not reveal your email address to anyone else if you choose to display only your nickname.
  5. Have private access to solutions to leadership dilemmas.
  6. Options for more personalized coaching and mentoring beyond the scope of the group.


As in any organization, there will be rules, which are meant for the benefit of everyone in the group. Anyone in violation of these rules will have their membership terminated. No refunds will be entertained.

I.  All members will respect each other as fellow leaders.

II.  The highest level of decorum is de rigeur. No derogatory remarks or anything considered offensive by common law will be entertained.

III.  No selling of member products and services will be permitted. Members may transact with each other elsewhere.

IV.  All members covenant to serve the greatest good of all members. Only in this manner will the greatest personal good be achieved. I will continue as Chief Coach and Chief Mentor throughout as long as this group remains in operation.

If you agree to these terms and wish to benefit from being in HELM, please confirm by subscribing below.

Monthly subscription is S$300.

If you opt for a one-year subscription, you will get two months free. Annual subscription is S$3,000.

Once you have subscribed, you will be added to a closed group and we can start our online relationship from then on.

Do get back to me if you have any questions. See you at the HELM online!

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