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Elijah Lim_HeadSay “HTML” and most people will think “Hyper Text Markup Language”, and they would of course be right. That is NOT what’s being offered here, although programming is involved and language is definitely involved, too! HTML coaching helps you develop good, healthy communication patterns. Our behaviours determine our habits and our habits determine the course our business takes. The way we tend to use language in speaking and writing reflects our habits and can be a very telling sign of present and future success. Change your words and change your world.


Participants are coached to consciously and deliberately raise the quality of their oral and written communication in order to:

  1. Achieve greater clarity about their own convictions and life goals, leading them to positive, future-focused action.
  1. Obtain practical handles on forming, practicing and sustaining good communication.
  1. Establish and sustain positive relationships.
  1. Discover greater joy at work.
  1. Nurture high quality relationships with family and friends.


In-person coaching sessions are preferred. Phone, email, text messaging, Whatsapp and other media are available if desired. Each session will last not more than one hour. Your HTML Coach is available by phone or email for up to one month after your last session in case you have questions or are facing situations you want a hand, or an ear, with.


One session: $500

Three-session package: $1,000

Contact me at 65-97119005 or [email protected]

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