Knowing Me, Knowing You Session. 27 Jan 2013.

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Why Are We So “Like That”?

How Can We Make Things Better Between Us?

Group of Friends Jumping TogetherA DISC-based workshop helping us to DISCover ourselves, DISCover others, and how to help ourselves become better at our relationships at work, home and play. DISCover how to BE a person of value to co-workers, bosses, clients, family and friends!

 Benefits to participants:

  1. DISC PSDISCover my strengths and weaknesses
  2. Be equipped with how to maximize my strengths to overshadow my weaknesses.
  3. Know how to minimize effects of my weaknesses.
  4. Learn how to emphasize strengths in others.
  5. Learn how to praise strengths in others.
  6. Learn how to complement others’ weaknesses with my strengths.
  7. Learn how others’ strengths can complement my weaknesses.
  8. Learn how to get the best out of your team at work.
  9. Become a valuable member of your team!
  10. Increase your opportunities for advancement so you can be valuable to more people!

Mode: A four hour session of DISCovery and working out how to best use our strengths to create and maintain great relationships! Participants will receive a DISC Personality System Workbook worth $28 each.

Date and Time: 27 Jan 2013. 1400 hrs – 1800 hrs. (2 pm to 6 pm).

Venue: Beacon LOHAS LLP. 11 Sims Drive #03-04A SCN Industrial Building Singapore 387385.

Beacon LOHAS map

Fee: $60 per pax, $100 for two pax registering together. Register NOW using the Paypal link below!

Save $20 when two persons register!

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