Self Management. Self Leadership. Which?

There is so much talk about “leadership” being superior to “management” these days. There are even people who draw up tables glorifying one and vilifying the other.

Get it right! Management is a function of leadership. If you’re a leader, you’d better have good management skills, too! And so much the more when it comes to yourself!

In one hour, learn the following:

  1. Overcoming the “Why I know what to do, and yet don’t do it” syndrome.
  2. How to just say “No” firmly… mean it, and act on it.
  3. Learn how to resolve energy-sapping “silent anger” issues.

This is of course preceded by NAL’s usual Networking Practice. On 23 Apr, we will be looking at the practice of leveraging on the strengths and insights of others to help us find solutions to our issues. Come prepared to share your struggles. You’ll be surprised how many people have the same struggles, and equally surprised at how many have simple and practical solutions that you just never thought of yourself!

Elijah Lim_HeadElijah Lim is a practitioner of self management. Having been thrust into many posts where he literally brought order out of chaos, he knows how important managing self can be. Running a household of 11 ensures that his self management edge is kept keen on a daily basis.

He continues to use his experience and hard-earned insights to inspire positive action in participants of his workshops, talks and coaching sessions. In the words of someone from overseas, paraphrased, “You have made my path clear. I now know what I need to do for my business. Your messages always leave me wanting more. Thank you for speaking into my life.”

 Wednesday, 23 April 2014

1930 – 2130 hrs

The Long Room

The 3rd Space


 Event Fee: $20.00

Click here to register.

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