And Fairness For All.

JusticeFairness. There are two underlying thoughts that accompany the concept. The first is “If I can’t have it, neither should anyone else.” The second is “Everyone has it, so should I.” You disagree? Think of popular culture. There is a line in a song which goes “If I can’t have you, I don’t want nobody, Baby…” Although this is similar to “I want nobody, nobody but you….” the thought patterns are of the same genre. They are focused on self. I’m sure you know of many more examples.

This post is called “And Fairness For All”, which is of course alluding to the Al Pacino film “And Justice For All.” I think justice is something that has been associated far too much with the execution of judgment. That is just one small aspect of justice. Just as discipline has been seen in a lopsided manner as merely the act of chastisement, we need to gain a much better understanding of what justice really is. Justice is really what we all ought to aspire to, because justice focuses on the good of everyone while fairness is really just an expression of selfishness.

Will you take bit of time to read up a little on what justice really is? Tell us how you did! I hope this contributed to your 1% improvement today!

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